General Event Rules

General rules for all participants:


All entrants are allowed one co-pilot. You're welcome to pack as many people in the car with you as you want, but only one co-pilot.  Your co-pilot is also allowed to make passes in the car and his or her time slips will also count.  We don’t care which one of you drives at the track or on the street, just make sure the racing is meant for the track and not the street.

Must show proof of current and valid insurance, current and valid registration, and current and valid state issued drivers license.  All cars must have head lights, tail lights, turn signals and brake lights. All participants will go through a tech procedure.  If your co-pilot is going to drive at the track or on the street - they will also need to provide proof of a valid state-issued Driver's license.

Safety is our number one priority,  so we ask that you have the proper safety equipment for the et that you plan to run. (if the track boots you out for going too fast for your safety equipment, then we suggest you slow it down, turn in that time slip and we will see you the next day.  The race tracks tech cars every single time they open the gates,  it is not in our interest to tell them how to do their jobs. 

We do ask that you have all safety equipment out and available for initial tech, i.e. gloves, jackets, pants, shoes, helmet, neck restraint. If you are not aware of what the proper safety gear is needed for the et you are running then please feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to make recommendations.  It is also a good idea to have an engine diaper or a belly pan on anything heavily modified, it is required in UNLIMITED YEET.

You will then go through a tech phase to confirm your car fits the rules for your class.  Once cleared through tech you will receive your class designation sticker, event stickers and your wrist bands for you and your co pilot.  The class designation sticker and car number sticker must be on the car in the proper locations.  A tech official will either do it for you or show you where to put them.  Without those stickers on the car, you will not be logged in our system (just put them on, we put some thought into the design and they’re pretty sweet looking honestly)

All participants will be required to drive their car that they are racing from track to track.  You are allowed to pull a small trailer behind the car, or use a roof rack, or a hitch rack.  There are no limits to trailer size, remember, you're pulling a trailer with your hotrod, the smaller and lighter the better.

Example of Trailer: 

3 Tracks, 4 Days, 500 miles

Every drive from track to track will have either 1 or 2 checkpoints along the way, you will be informed thoroughly where those checkpoints are and given directions to them.  You will go to the check point, take a picture of you and your car at the check point and upload the pic to the facebook group designated for the event.  Failure to upload your pics at the check points will be forfeit of that day’s time slip and will result in an automatic 15 second time slip. If for some reason you can’t upload photos of the check points, find an official upon arrival the following day and show them and make sure they notate it.


There will be no use of your large trailer and or truck once the drivers meeting is concluded.  We will be putting a non-marring seal on all the doors of your trailer and truck, you wont be allowed back in your truck or trailer before you turn in your last time slip of the final day, unless of course you break or can not finish the event in which you will be disqualified. 

There are no chase vehicles allowed.  A chase vehicle would be a buddy in a truck hauling a ton of spare or extra parts for you. 

So pack what you think you will need to survive the event (and don’t forget to pack some shower supplies and deodorant and tooth paste, please )

We will be doing pop up inspections on people throughout the event to confirm you're not cheating, we have no interest in watching over everyone like a child, but we are going to check everyone out over the course of the event (hell ill probably end up helping ya'll between passes ).

If it is proven that you cheated in anyway shape or form, you will forfeit your ticket for that day and an automatic 15 second time slip will be counted for you that day.  If you are found to have cheated 2 days then you’re done, go home. 

A lot of enforcement of these rules will be going by the honor system.  If you cheat, and get away with it, remember you’re cheating yourself.  If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it.  We want everyone to have a great time and finish the race with a smile on your face and a lot of good memories.